About Vodicka Family Health and Wellness

Jessica Vodicka, FNP, is the lead practitioner at Vodicka Family Health & Wellness LLC, a telehealth integrative medicine practice based in Lemont, Illinois. Jessica takes an individualized approach to care, combining supplements and lifestyle changes with traditional Western medicine to treat patients and manage their health.

At Vodicka Family Health & Wellness LLC, Jessica believes everyone deserves high-quality, affordable, and convenient health care. She treats the entire family, managing general health as well as medical conditions like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), diabetes, and food allergies

Jessica uses functional medicine to help pinpoint the underlying cause of health issues for her patients, including innovative lab tests to gather objective data such as the DUTCHtest®, micronutrient testing, and food allergy and sensitivity testing. 

After completing her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois, Jessica went on to earn her Master’s in Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner at North Park University in Chicago, Illinois.

Jessica is a mom of three and treats her patients like her own family, partnering with them so she can help them get better and achieve a better level of health and well-being.

Call Vodicka Family Health & Wellness LLC or schedule a telehealth appointment online today. She also provides in-home care depending on the patient’s location.

Our Services Include Treatment For:







Urinary Tract Infection


Weight Loss

High Blood Pressure



Irritable Bowel Syndrome 





Hypothyroid/Adrenal hormone imbalance

Metabolic Syndrome

Sinus Infection

Pink Eye

Lab ordering and Monitoring 

Ear Infection




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To provide high quality healthcare by combining the principles of traditional and functional medicine. Creating a health plan that is tailored to the needs of each individual patient.

Patients Reviews

Jessica is a fantastic medical professional, thorough, thoughtful and ready to address the source of issues rather than fix the symptoms which is exactly what I’m looking for.

SHANNON K. | Jan 31, 2023
She listened to my needs. Jessica comes from a western medicine background which gives her a good balance for deciding what is best for your needs.

MARIANGELA G. | Jan 21, 2023
Very pleasant and informative.

DONNAMARIE C. | Jan 13, 2023
Mrs. Vodicka goes above and beyond to treat and meet the needs of her patients. She treats the body as a whole. Rarely do you find a physician that researches and strives to treat beyond the surface of the illness. I highly recommend her as a primary physician. She is a Blessing!

KATRINA L. | Dec 08, 2022
Jessica was the medical professional our family was looking for Immediately reached out to my appointment request for a sick visit for my son. Responsive, Knowledgeable, and explained in detail his treatment plan. Looking forward to continuing care with her as a provider. Highly recommend!!!

THEODORE L. | Dec 01, 2022
She has been so wonderful to work with. She is quick to respond. She listens and provides valued support!

CRISTY C. | Nov 12, 2022
She's the only practitioner that I look forward to seeing. She's extremely empathetic, caring and reliable. I feel lucky to have found her!

EMILY P. | Nov 12, 2022
Very impressed with the service being offered. Thank you for coming to our area

DEBRA C. | Nov 10, 2022
Very glad to have you in the area to treat patients.

DEBRA C. | Nov 10, 2022
Jessica was thorough, quick to respond and make space for me in her day. She was super helpful and very kind.

BETHANY N. | Nov 06, 2022
Quick efficient dedicated and knowledgeable

JOSIE C. | Oct 27, 2022
I contacted Jessica in a panic as I was leaving for out of town and I needed my daughter to be seen. Jessica was excellent, we were able to see her for an appointment within hours, she was very professional and caring, we will definitely see her again.

ANASTASIA S. | Oct 25, 2022
Responsive, thorough, communicative

ROBERT H. | Oct 19, 2022
Jessica was great! I finally felt like I was getting long term help instead of a quick solution. She explained multiple options for me and gave me a complete run-down of where my issues could be stemming from. I feel like I have better next-steps other than just using some prescriptions.

NATALIE L. | Oct 17, 2022
I called for myself and my kids she came so quickly! Very professional and we had the results and prescriptions we needed immediately. Would highly recommend!

KIMBERLY J. | Oct 13, 2022
I am so grateful to have found Ms. Jessica Vodicka. She's compassionate, considerate, always on time and truly listens. I cannot recommend her enough.

EMILY P. | Oct 13, 2022
Ms. Jessica Vodicka, FNP is such a great listener when dealing with medical issues. Not only does she listen, but she gets down to the root of the problem. She was able to come up with a solution after many years of trying advocate for myself with other doctors and they would say “you’re fine”.

ANISSA A. | Oct 12, 2022
Love her insight and attention to the body. I don't think I have had a medical doctor or Nurse attend to what is actually going on before. She been very insightful and helpful!

CRISTY C. | Oct 12, 2022
Jessica Vodicka is efficient. I needed a visit and she got me in within 12 hours. She finished her paperwork quickly as well so I could see my specialist. I have made her my primary care provider.

EMILY M. | Oct 12, 2022
Dr. Vodicka is helping me figure out what is causing symptoms that have been ignored by other doctors for years. She is attentive and kind.

MELANIE D. | Oct 11, 2022


We accept most insurance providers. If you have specific questions regarding your coverage, please contact us for additional information.